An additional product candidate under development is Fadolmidine [Fado] which also belongs to the alpha-2 adrenergic agonist receptor class. Fado is similar to Dex and different from clonidine in that it is a full agonist of all subtypes of alpha-2 adrenoreceptor. Unlike Dex, Fado does not cross the blood/brain barrier, and this accounts for the targeting of Fado use for either intrathecal administration for pain or anesthesia, or potentially for topical use to treat pain associated with regional nerve pain from underlying nerve damage, also called “neuropathies.” Various preclinical models of pain have been employed and have demonstrated Fado’s potential as an analgesic, including its potential for use in neuropathies and post-operative pain.  A Phase II clinical trial successfully demonstrated that intrathecal Fado, in combination with bupivacaine, produced analgesic effects compared to bupivacaine alone in bunionectomy patients.